我们服务的客户涉及下游和中游的化工、石化、油气、水、电力、矿山和炼油等行业, 已经有超过80年的历史。
Cooper的成功源于使用先进的科技, 拥有经验丰富的员工和严格控制的生产过程, 以及广泛的客户认可,并一直致力于开发可客户信赖的专业阀门产品。 2013年, Cooper收购了顶级硬密封球阀厂家Accuseal。高素质的专业团队和精益求精的专业精神,大大提升了我们的研究创新能力。

More than 80 years ago, it led COOPER® Valves to become the first foundry to successfully pour 304 stainless steel. It pushed us to become a leading US manufacturer of high performance exotic alloy valves for some of the toughest industrial applications in the world. It inspires us every day to pursue constant improvement through advanced design engineering, metallurgical sciences and rigid quality control. It means customers can trust our products to last longer under severe operating conditions and deliver greater peace of mind and return on investment. Finally it means honest answers, expert advice, on-time deliveries and a commitment to meeting your challenges.



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产品综合介绍      电厂应用



● 电厂疏水阀



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