Zhejiang BEIER Control Valve Co., LTD.

    Zhejiang BEIER Control Valve Co., LTD., founded in 1987, is located in Nanbin High-Tech Park, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province. It is a professional manufacturer of a full range of control valves in the field of industrial automation fluid process control. It’s a governing unit of the China Instrument Manufacturer Association and a national high-tech enterprise. The registered capital is 100.6 million yuan. There are more than 240 employees, 57% of whom have college degrees or above, and 67 technical personnel, accounting for 28%; Besides, the company now owns more than 110 scientific and technological patents, including 5 invention patents; BEIER Company is renowned for high-quality products in the domestic industry. BEIER independently innovatively develops and designs a series of high performance control valves, high performance butterfly valves, and ball valves, making it one of the few manufacturing enterprises in China that can compete with foreign products in terms of quality; Moreover, the company’s fully intellectual property intelligent valve positioner and electro-hydraulic actuator are currently completely replacing imported similar products in the industry, breaking the market monopoly of foreign brands on such control component products;

    The company currently has a construction area of nearly 35000 square meters and a production capacity of 45000 control valves per year. It owns various advanced manufacturing and testing equipment required for manufacturing control valves, including 20 horizontal machining centers, gantry and vertical machining centers, 41 other types of CNC cutting centers, CNC equipment, and testing and inspection equipment related to the entire process of control valve production; The company's ERP/MES/DBS information and digital production management model covers the entire process, serving customers with the most modern production management model.
● Regulating Valves
● Butterfly valves
● Ball valves
● Actuator and Positioner
    ● Power Station
    ● Petrochemical industry
    ● Steel Factory
    ● Water treatment

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