ZheJiang Tiantai Control Equipment Co., Ltd.

    ZheJiang Tiantai Control Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 2009, is a collection development, production, service as one of the private enterprises. The main production Hoosler Electro-hydraulic actuators and hydraulic control system, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, shipbuilding, construction materials, urban water treatment and other industrial process automation control system, especially suitable for pump export / fire control valve, the valve to achieve regulation and cutting control.

    Companies adhere to market-oriented, followed by the development of industrial automation control and information technology, technological innovation, the introduction of US hydraulic integrated control technology, cooperation with Tongji University in Shanghai has developed Intelligent Electro-hydraulic actuator, the product is an industrial automation instrumentation control system In one of the most advanced actuators, it butterfly valves, ball valves, valve, plug valves, globe valves, throttle valves and other ancillary use. The product is identified by the provincial science and technology, the international advanced level, to fill the gaps, won six utility model patents and two patents, and won the honorary title of Chinese cities leading products and included in the national technological innovation projects. Meanwhile, the company is the only one in Zhejiang Province was included in the State Production Safety Technology Achievement Award enterprises.

    Drafted record company "Q / ZD 002-2012 fire hydraulic bleed valve" and "Q / ZD 001-2012 intelligent hydraulic integration Actuators", the standard of the current state of the two products belong to the blank, at the same time, fire hydraulic release vent valve products of national patents, the company is "intelligent hydraulic integration Actuators" national standard drafting unit, the national standard now Examination.

    The company's technology and management is strong, college technical and management personnel of the total staff of more than 30%, including professors and senior six, at the same time, with domestic and foreign modern advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, has a wealth of design and manufacturing experience, unique technology, advanced manufacturing processes and improve product testing means and control standards and constant innovation, to produce high reliability, ease of operation of the high-end pipeline control equipment. The company took the lead through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.
● Electro-hydraulic actuators
● Hydraulic actuators
● Accessory
    ● Power Station
    ● Petrochemical industry
    ● Steel Factory
    ● Water treatment

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