Vervo Valve product line consists of a broad range of gate valves, globe valves,check valves,ball valves and strainers utilized in the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical and many other industries throughout the world.
    Vervo has built excellent reputation for its high quality products. In order to maintain this reputation, all valves will be manufacture under fully certified ISO9001 and API Q1Quality Management System. Vervo considers product quality and customers' requirements as our highest priority. Vervo’s mission has always been service customers with the best quality products. Through the years, Vervo has been consistently improving our engineering and technical force; enhancing our quoting and sales services to better meet our clients’ ever-growing needs. By better design, engineering and management, we strive to produce better quality products with the most cost-effective technology and manufacturing methods to offer our customers the most economical and valued products.
    Through its conviction to provide only the finest quality products and services to match the need of our customers, Vervo has now established itself as a serious player in the valve business. Vervo can respond to customers' requests faster and more efficiently than ever while becoming one of the best partners for your needs.
    Along with standard gate, globe and check valves, Vervo offers many specialty products for services such as HF acid, sour gas, cryogenic, chlorine and oxygen.
    Our products include various types of valves in different materials. They are manufactured according to internationally accepted standards such as API, ANSI, DIN BS, AND JIS.
    Should you have a requirement for special applications, our technical and engineering staff is always here to support you.

    Certificates:CE,ISO9001,FE-TEST/ISO-15848-1,Fire test/APT STD 6FA,API622,API602,API Q1,ISO-TS.
    ● Gate Valves

    ● Globe Valves 

    ● Check Valves 

    ● Ball Valves 

    ● Specialty Valves: Such as bellows valves 

Production Bulletin
    ● Oil gas

    ● Petrochemical
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